Private investor networks
Private investor networks

Create greater value for your members

Launch your own secure custom branded investor network in a few clicks

Artha Networks has helped The Good Investors define and develop a platform to catalyse capital towards systemic investments whilst also creating a community of investors to increase our impact.

Strengthen client relationships

  • Digital platform means your service offering is always accessible.
  • Client investment preferences can be tracked so you can customize your service offering per their unique needs.
  • Platform can be white labeled to deepen brand affinity.

Close more deals

  • Pipeline showcases deals using a wide array of compelling multi-media elements
  • Level of interest in a deal can be made visible to other clients to build momentum (FOMO) and facilitate co-investment.
  • Due diligence functionality accelerates information sharing and decision making.

Empower your clients

  • Pipeline can be filtered and sorted to support self-directed investment decision making.
  • Community manager can allow members to share content – and opportunities – inside the network.
  • Direct peer to peer networking possible.

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Create rich profiles that bring impact opportunities to life

Global Impact Investor Database

Looking for mission aligned investors or co-investors? Access one the world’s most dynamic database of impact investors. Launching soon!

Global Impact

More than a software platform

Artha supports the Impact for Breakfast Network, which spans 17 cities around the world bringing together over 2000 family offices, foundations, funds, venture philanthropists and advisors to share their knowledge and explore opportunities to collaborate.

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