Learn how to set up your own platform using our Software as a Service

Key features to support your investment activities

Re-enforce your brand identity by customizing your own platform and landing page in minutes, with tech support from our team.

Controlled access may be granted to key partners in your investment process to improve coordination and lower transaction costs.

Integrate your preferred databases and analytical tools. Link with other mission aligned investment platforms to exchange information and opportunities. No more siloed solutions!

Protected by a robust architecture (utilizing AWS) with fully encrypted secure hosting. The platform is cloud-based ensuring easy access to all of your data at all times.







Unparalleled Networking Potential

As a multi-sided platform, Artha allows users to integrate key partners in their investment process for improved coordination and lowered transaction costs. Artha’s use of APIs also allows users to link with other platforms to exchange information and share opportunities. You control access at all times.


Identify potential co-investors, share pipeline, and coordinate your due diligence activities with one another in a fully secure environment.

Entrepreneurs and Enterprises

Investors can link directly with potential investees as as they discover opportunities and undertake due diligence; direct reporting is enabled from the entrepreneurs and firms you support.

Third Party Service Providers

Controlled access to your platform can be given to key service providers specializing in due diligence, business development, and technical assistance, through the offer of ‘requests’ or ‘tenders’ from users on the system.

Enterprise Support Organizations

Controlled access can be given to mission aligned accelerators, incubators and chambers of commerce to help you build your pipeline with the very best of their entrepreneurs and SMEs.

Artha believes in the power of networks both on-line and off-line. Through our affiliation with Rianta Capital, Artha manages Impact for Breakfast (IFB).  IFB was born in 2008 and is a global network of family offices, foundations, funds, venture philanthropy and intermediary organizations with a shared interest in exploring the power and potential of social enterprise, entrepreneurship and impact investing.

Our partners

ANI is proud to be working with leading organizations in the fields of finance and development. Our partners include: