Artha was established in 2013 and is affiliated with Artha Impact at Rianta Capital Zurich AG, a dedicated investment advisory to a highly networked family office based in Switzerland.

ANI’s investor platform was first deployed in India 12 years ago in response to the challenges we faced trying to deploy small ticket, high risk capital into social enterprises operating in India’s agriculture, energy, livelihoods and water sectors. The cost of opportunity identification and due diligence were prohibitively high. We pursued the use of technology to lower our transaction costs by streamlining information flows and facilitating Artha’s ability to coordinate our investment activities with other investors and service providers.

The resulting investor platform has allowed Artha to lower its transaction costs, achieve 5x leverage on our investments from peer investors, and reduce our risk exposure.

Our use of the platform to create and manage our own investment portfolio as well as our affiliation with Rianta Capital gives ANI a highly practical understanding of investor needs and challenges.