Our Story: A platform for investors by investors

Artha is affiliated with Rianta Capital Zurich AG, a dedicated investment advisory to a highly networked single family office based in Switzerland. Artha sought to deploy its capital into small ticket, high risk social enterprises operating in India’s agriculture, energy, livelihoods and water sectors. Our desired impact was constrained by the prohibitively high transaction costs associated with the vast majority of such deals. In response, we turned to the networking power of technology.

The Artha platform was first deployed in India in 2008 to lower the costs of discovery and due diligence. More information is available about the Artha Impact portolio here: http://arthaimpact.com. Artha Networks Inc. is an affiliate and spin-out of Artha Impact, designed to help support others on the back of our technology and portfolio experience.

We quickly learned that other investors were confronting the very same high transaction costs especially on smaller sized investments. Too many investors were seeing too many promising investment opportunities fail because the deals simply weren’t large enough to justify the costs of discovery and due diligence. The opportunity cost associated with the deals that never happen is difficult to estimate but we knew it was enormous.  In 2013 we decided to make a long term commitment to further develop our technology and license its use to other investors. Covid-19 relates travel restrictions and the need to lower our carbon footprint has further underscored the importance of digital solutions to discovery and virtual due diligence.

We’re more committed than ever to enhancing the visibility of the best solutions to the challenges of our time, and to shortening the distance between capital and entrepreneurs. What Artha now offers is a market tested solution for investors by investors. We’ve tripled the size of our own investment portfolio in India and are now helping an increasing number of fellow investors lower their costs and increase their impact.