Artha Networks Inc. has had a series of incredibly exciting opportunities to work with clients across the development finance spectrum, from networks focused on private wealth and family offices to foundations and major development banks.

A few examples below:

  • Artha’s software is helping the Foundation source financing for the women entrepreneurs they are supporting through the Accelerate Prosperity Program, a regional network of accelerators throughout Central Asia. The program is also being supported by the Miller Centre and USAID. To learn more:

  • Baraka is using Artha’s software to identify and aggregate last mile health intervention investment opportunities in low and middle income countries, with a view on health systems strengthening and disruptive innovation. To learn more:

  • Artha is helping the Asia Foundation Korea broaden its programming and partnerships to include impact investors. The Asia Foundation is looking to bolster its support to underserved communities in Korea including women entrepreneurs and refugees. To learn more:

  • Good Investors is a group of Family Offices in Europe that pool their expertise and capital to support high impact potential firms and organizations. Artha’s software is helping them coordinate their investment activities and lower their transaction costs. To learn more:

  • Artha’s software is helping GAA support sustainable food systems around the world by linking agri-SMEs with investors that care about inclusive and sustainable growth. To learn more:

  • InvestAmericas, in partnership with the Inter-American Investment Corporation under the umbrella of the Inter-American Development Bank: launch of a multi-country, multilingual bespoke version of our due diligence and discovery architecture focused on supporting the bank’s SME investment activities through access to an on-boarded network of investors, regional incubators, service providers and entrepreneurs. They hold a 15-year license as part of their support to SMEs.